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Case of Omot Agwa et al

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Omot Agwa is food security activist and former translator for the World Bank. He is originally from Gambela region, Southwestern part of Ethiopia. He was charged under Ethiopia’s Anti-terrorism Proclamation (ATP) on September 2015 after more than five months of detention at the notorious detention center, Meakelawi. Omot and two of his colleagues were arrested […]

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Case of Olana Kebede et al


On December 15, 2015, federal prosecutors charged 21 people of Oromo descent are charged under the ATP.  The defendants include students, farmers and businessmen. Since the first major crackdown following the Oromo protests in April 2014, dozens of students were arrested and charged with terrorism. EHRP is following the case of Olana Kebede et al […]

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Case of Khalid Muhammed and Darsema Sori

Daresema and Khalid

 Journalists Khalid Muhammed and Darsema Sori were reporters for Bilal radio. They are charged under the ATP on June 2015 after they were arrested in February 2015. The charges include terrorism, inciting violence, attempt to establish Islamic state advocating for members the Muslim Arbitration Committee who had been in prison since 2012.EHRP is following their […]

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Free Zone 9 Bloggers – Collective of Bloggers and Internet Activists


Zone 9 bloggers collective, is an informal group of young Ethiopian bloggers working together to create alternative independent narration of the sociopolitical conditions in Ethiopia and thereby foster public discourse that will result the emerging of ideas for the betterment of a nation. The Ethiopian authorities have arrested nine journalists and bloggers (6 Members of […]

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