Free Zone 9 Bloggers – Collective of Bloggers and Internet Activists

Zone 9 bloggers collective, is an informal group of young Ethiopian bloggers working together to create alternative independent narration of the sociopolitical conditions in Ethiopia and thereby foster public discourse that will result the emerging of ideas for the betterment of a nation.

The Ethiopian authorities have arrested nine journalists and bloggers (6 Members of Zone 9 collective) on allegations that they worked for foreign human rights groups and were working to incite violence through social media. Three members of the detainees complained of torture and beating on custody and no action has been taken to investigate the complaint.

EHRP calls for the immediate release of the bloggers and journalists because no formal charges have been filed against them so far. According to international laws accepted by Ethiopian Government and also under Ethiopian constitution all arrested has the right to get access to councilor and family. Since their arrest the right to get legal councilor is denied by the authorities. EHRP also urges the right to access for councilor and family and visit by friends should be respected.

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