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Legal Analysis for FDRE Public Prosecutor Vs Soliyana Shimeles et al (Ten Individuals) Criminal Case

This legal summary focuses on the legality of FDRE Public Prosecutor Vs Soleyana Shimeles et al criminal case in light of the basic human rights principles. Relevant human rights principles under the FDRE Constitution and other multilateral and regional treaties in which Ethiopia is party are scrutinized. Ethiopia charged six bloggers and three journalists who […]

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Ethiopia: Crackdown Intensified following the peaceful protests in Oromia region

Ethiopia Human Rights Project (EHRP) strongly condemns the killing of protesters in the hands of government security forces in different parts of Ethiopia’s Oromia region. EHRP urges the Ethiopian government to refrain from using force and to handle the matter in a manner that complies with national and international standards of freedom of association, assembly […]

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Ethiopian Bloggers Acquitted of Terrorism Charges, Three Released from Prison

October 19, 2015 Contact: Maran Turner +44 7763 764699 Soliyana Gebremichael Washington, D.C.: Freedom Now and the Ethiopia Human Rights Project (EHRP) are very happy to announce that five members of the Zone 9 blogger group in Ethiopia have been acquitted of terrorism charges and three were released from prison on Saturday, October 17. […]

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