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The 14th defendant Dereje Merga Debelo appeared before court while he was handcuffed. Political prisoners are still exposed to human right abuses in a higher rate: November 23 Hearing

The kilinto prison administration is notoriously known in abusing the human rights of prisons. Many prisoners have been crying out about the mistreatment they are exposed. It is remembered defendants in a file of Gurmessa Ayano et al have presented their complaints. In particular, the 6th, 7th, 14th and 17th defendants described in their complaint […]

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Witnesses for prosecution are heard against the first defendant in Gurmessa Ayano et al file: November 21Hearing

  The court carry on hearing witnesses for prosecution against the Deputy president Bekelle Gerba and other OFC leaders, Gurmessa Ayano et al (22 persons) have been charged with Anti-Terrorism  proclamation. Today on November 21st two witnesses testified against the first defendant Gurmessa Ayano in the afternoon session. Even though the federal high court Lideta […]

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Journalist Getachew Shiferaw adjourned for third time for ruling – October 31, 2016 Hearing

Federal High Court 4th bench at Lideta adjourned the hearing of journalist Getachew Shiferaw, Editor-In-Chief of Negere Ethiopia newspaper, who is charged with terrorism for third time for ruling. Getachew is accused of having contacts with members of the outlawed political force Ginbot 7 using Facebook and phone calls. Journalist Getachew Shiferaw appeared before court […]

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