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Ethiopia- Government’s Brutal Response to Amhara Region Protesters


ETHIOPIA HUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT·MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2016 ( Translated from Amharic) Following the July arrest and detention of representatives of the Wolqait Amhara Identity Committee in Gonder by the government’s Antiterrorism Taskforce, protests erupted in many areas of the Amhara region. The first of these protests took place on August 1st in Gonder town in […]

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Journalists Khalid Mohamed, Darsema Sori & et al. Requested Investigation on the Identity of the Prosecutor’s Witnesses – June 23rd Hearing

Daresema and Khalid

On June 23/2016, defendants including journalists Khalid Mohamed and Darsema Sori demanded the investigation of the identity of the prosecutor’s witnesses at the 14th criminal bench of the Lideta Federal High Court. During the trial session of the case of 20 defendants (including the journalists), the defendants explained that the witnesses presented by the prosecutor […]

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Addis Ababa University Students from Oromia Region, Protested in front of US Embassy in Addis are now Charged for Inciting Violence

AAU students protested

On this time when peaceful protest is being considered as a crime, the public protest ignited in Oromia Region has been ongoing for more than 4 months. While hundreds of protesters have been killed so far, it is to be recalled that the Ethiopian Human Rights Project has published a detailed report marking the protest’s […]

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