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Qilinto Fire: 67 died

Kilinto detention center on fire

Ethiopia Human Rights Project (EHRP) Special Report  October 31st 2016 Qilinto detention on fire/ Picture from internet In Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Kality, Zeway, Shewarobit prisons and Qlinto detention center are administered by the federal government. In Qilinto there are around 3000 detainees, among those half of them are charged with terrorism and others […]

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Ethiopia Human Rights Project(EHRP) requests that the government of Ethiopia release Professor Merera Gudina

Photo Credit:  John Marsh.  Hon. Merera Gudina and Hon. Beyene Petros, members 2007 IVLP Opposition MP delegation, Office of Hon. Mike Honda, Congressman representing the 17th district of California

The Ethiopia Human Rights Project(EHRP) requests that the government of Ethiopia release Professor Merera Gudina, or publicly charge him with a credible offense in strict accordance with the Ethiopian law and procedure.  EHRP encourages our colleagues in the human rights community to join in our expression of encouragement for greater transparency in the matters relating […]

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Zeway Prison Administration said “they do not know” the whereabouts of Jounalist Temesegen Dessalegn

Journalist Temsegen Dessalege

December 14/2016 It has been seven days since Zeway prison administration announced that journalist Temesgen Dessalegn is not in their custody. His family members now has spent a more than a week without knowing the whereabouts of the known journalist. Fithe newspaper’s ( now defect) journalist and editor Temesgen Dessalegn was charged and sentenced three years […]

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Ethiopia- Government’s Brutal Response to Amhara Region Protesters


ETHIOPIA HUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT·MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2016 ( Translated from Amharic) Following the July arrest and detention of representatives of the Wolqait Amhara Identity Committee in Gonder by the government’s Antiterrorism Taskforce, protests erupted in many areas of the Amhara region. The first of these protests took place on August 1st in Gonder town in […]

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